Partner with Australia’s leading plant breeder in forage grasses and cereals.

    Scientifically bred stock feed for the Australian climate.

    New varieties launched after 10+ years of research and development.


    There is a competitive edge required by Australian farmers that only locally bred varieties can deliver, to guarantee superior performance and reliability.

    Agronomy Hub

    Find our latest trial results and analysis to determine the best fit for your enterprise. Our agronomists are also on hand to help navigate the complex seed market and maximise your farm’s profits.


    Learn more about our latest innovations, advancements in technology and science, and new varieties being launched after 10 + years of research and development.


    The Valley Seeds scientists are partnering with leading-edge researchers to push the boundaries of technological transformation.

    This continual investment in research and development ensures our customers are delivered the very best of carefully selected traits from both the laboratory and the field.

    About Us

    Valley Seeds is 100% Australian-owned.
    Our extensive breeding program covers over 20 pasture varieties delivering highly productive pastures across a range of Australian environments and conditions.

    Established in Yarck, Victoria in 1972, the introduction of a new ownership structure in 2021 is providing an exciting new phase of growth and expansion.



    We have some exciting news to share. Our research assistant, Sarah McMaster, has accepted a promotion to Technical Product Development Lead.  Sarah’s new role will be our bridge from research

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    A new management structure, a new major shareholder and an injection of capital will push Valley Seeds to the forefront of seed research and development in Australia.

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    The new Valley Seeds

    2022 sees Valley Seeds enter an exciting new phase of growth and expansion, with new ownership, new management, and a revitalised brand. New CEO, Paul Twine, has been busy reviewing

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    Valley Seeds is the largest producer of lawn seed in Australia

    Many of Australia’s leading home garden retailers are stocking Valley Seeds’ proven varieties of lawn seed. Learn more.