Ten Tips for Sowing and Maintaining your Lawn over Summer

  1.  If sowing seed, do this by the end of November or otherwise wait until March next year.
  2. Keep your newly sown ground damp (but not overwatered) all day, every day until germinated.
  3. Download a sowing guide from our web site.
  4. After germination, slowly reduce watering frequency and increase the amount of water at each watering over a four week period.
  5. For all lawns in summer in dry regions (non-tropical) use sprinklers for watering and leave them on for two to three hours per area, two to three times per week.
  6. Do not water in the evening or late at night. Damp grass overnight can cause diseases to develop.
  7. Start watering very early in the morning and finish watering by the time the day heats up. (mid- morning)
  8. For cool season grasses (Perennial Ryegrass, Tall Fescue) increase the height of mowing to a minimum of 50mm. This protects the grass root system from heat stress and reduces evaporation.
  9. For tropical grasses (Couch, Buffalo and Kikuyu) mow frequently at your normal height (Approx. 25mm) as this is the season when they grow most rapidly.
  10. Spread a high nitrogen fertiliser prior until Christmas. Do not spread more fertiliser than directed. Spread evenly (use a plastic hand spreader) and water lawn immediately after spreading.