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hobson rape

  • Farmers report that livestock prefer Hobson over most other brassica varieties.
  • Green feed for finishing stock for market
  • More palatable than most other forage rapes
  • Highly digestible & productive feed source
  • Inexpensive to establish (approx. $45 per Ha)
  • Conditions a paddock for autumn sowing
  • Added bonus of efficient fire break
Hobson Forage Rape; a reliable and cheap feed source for the summer and autumn

Summer is a critical time in pasture production systems due to limited amount of rainfall. Grasses have a bunch root system with most of their roots growing close to the soil surface. This area dries out in summer limiting the growth of the grasses. Species with a tap root or bulb can extract water lower down the soil profile. Forage brassicas are a reliable feed source over the summer period when grasses are not growing.

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La certa
La Certa Chicory is a variety selected in Uruguay for its tall, erect growth habit, leaf type, lateness in stem elongation and uniformity. It is more winter-active and earlier flowering than Puna and contains low levels of lactucin, the chemical that can cause a bitter taint in milk that make other varieties of chicory unpalatable at certain times of the year.

La Certa is known for:

  • Its fast establishment
  • Its high winter DM yields
  • Its high leaf/stem ratio
  • Its high annual DM yields
  • Its lower tainting of milk
  • Its ability to reseed when stand density decreases
  • Its high DM utilisation by stock due to its upright growth habit
  • Its decreased time in reproductive phase vs vegetative phase

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