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Persists in dryer conditions

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In Victoria Camel Perennial Ryegrass has demonstrated its ability to persist over three years in a trial at Rutherglen. In this trial it also produced more herbage than Victorian perennial ryegrass. Camel Ryegrass seed used for this trial was three years old with no endophyte.

  • Herbage production of Camel was over 14% greater than Victorian over the three years of the trial.
  • In the third year Camel produced over 40% more herbage in late winter than Victorian. (1st August to 20th September)
  • Rust resistance was significantly better than Victorian Perennial Ryegrass.

Perennial ryegrass experiment at Rutherglen – Victoria

Trial conducted by: A. Avery, AV – Department of Agriculture Victoria

Total annual rainfall in the year of establishment 510.4mm.

Long term average rainfall 597.8mm per annum.

Table 1.  Rust ratings on perennial ryegrass at Rutherglen

Cultivar/line Rust rating
Camel 4.0
Victorian 6.8
lsd (P=0.05) 1.69
CV (%) 14.7

Rust rating 1=low – 9=high

Table 2.  Seasonal and total dry matter production of perennial ryegrass at Rutherglen

DM (t/ha) Total Total
Cultivar/line 15/05 1/08 20/09 17/10 Three Yrs
Camel 0.30 0.15 0.96 0.98 2.38 8.58
Victorian 0.44 0.18 0.68 0.88 2.18 7.50
lsd (P=0.05) 0.154 0.080 0.260 0.276 0.231 1.254
CV (%) 11.5 15.4 14.7 13.8 8.8 3.9