Camel Perennial Ryegrass

Persists in dryer conditions

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  • Drought tolerant and persistent
  • Quality winter and spring feed
  • Ideal for aerial seeding.

Camel perennial ryegrass was developed to replace Victorian perennial ryegrass. With excellent winter production and improved forage quality, Camel does not cause ryegrass staggers.

Camel was bred from plants collected at St Arnaud, Victoria, where average rainfall is about 450mm (18”). While this is lower than the recommended rainfall of 600mm (24”) rainfall for Camel, this background breeding gives Camel the ability to persist where most ryegresses fail. Camel is also suited to aerial seeding.

In Victoria Camel Perennial Ryegrass has demonstrated its ability to persist over three years in a trial at Rutherglen. In this trial it also produced more herbage than Victorian perennial ryegrass. Camel Ryegrass seed used for this trial was three years old with no endophyte.

  • Herbage production of Camel was over 14% greater than Victorian over the three years of the trial.
  • In the third year Camel produced over 40% more herbage in late winter than Victorian. (1st August to 20th September)
  • Rust resistance was significantly better than Victorian Perennial Ryegrass.
1998 sown perennial ryegrass experiment at Rutherglen – Victoria

Trial conducted by: A. Avery, AV – Department of Agriculture Victoria

Total annual rainfall in the year of establishment (1998) 510.4mm.
Long term average rainfall 597.8mm per annum.

Table 1. Rust ratings on perennial ryegrass at Rutherglen in 2000.
Microsoft Word - Camel Trial - @ DPI Rutherglen_3_ NEW.doc
Rust rating 1=low – 9=high

Table 2. Seasonal and total dry matter production of perennial ryegrass at Rutherglen in 2000.
Microsoft Word - Camel Trial - @ DPI Rutherglen_3_ NEW.doc
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