Perennial Ryegrass

Boomer Perennial Ryegrass

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  • The winter production of an annual
  • Promotes more clover growth
  • Excellent persistence (Australian Bred)
  • Nil endophyte

Boomer was bred by Valley Seeds, from a range of Australian ecotypes, at Cathkin in Victoria. Selections were made to maximise seedling growth, winter growth and rust resistance. Trials from Casino in Northern New South Wales to Cressy in Tasmania have shown that Boomer produces more winter feed than any other perennial ryegrass and even some short rotation ryegrasses. Boomer is ideally suited to high producing finishing systems and wool producers. Special breeding has shifted the production of Boomer from the spring period back into late winter, where feed can be up to 10 times more valuable than in the spring.

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Camel Perennial Ryegrass

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In Victoria Camel Perennial Ryegrass has demonstrated its ability to persist over three years in a trial at Rutherglen. In this trial it also produced more herbage than Victorian perennial ryegrass. Camel Ryegrass seed used for this trial was three years old with no endophyte.

  • Herbage production of Camel was over 14% greater than Victorian over the three years of the trial.
  • In the third year Camel produced over 40% more herbage in late winter than Victorian. (1st August to 20th September)
  • Rust resistance was significantly better than Victorian Perennial Ryegrass.

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Platinum Perennial Ryegrass


  • Very Late flowering with excellent winter growth
  • Ideal for high productive dairy and beef pastures
  • Densely tillered and tolerant of continues grazing
  • Low endophyte

Breeding & Performance:

Platinum Perennial Ryegrass (Trial code CM501) is the latest breeding breakthrough combining late season production (21days+) with exceptional winter growth.

Bred by Dr. Nick Cameron – Crop Mark Seeds as an exclusive variety for Valley Seed’s, Platinum delivers an unusual combination of high winter spring and summer production as well as excellent herbage persistence in a low endophyte variety. Platinum is another example from Valley Seeds where successful breeding with the right persistence genetics eliminates the need for endophyte in most Australian conditions. Farmer scale demonstrations with Platinum have proven that the presence of endophyte is not essential for persistence with the right genetics.

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Prolong Perennial Ryegrass

Prolong perennial ryegrass is the first Australian-bred perennial ryegrass developed for the irrigated and sub-tropical diary and beef zones. Suited to hot, humid conditions or irrigation, Prolong exhibits good persistence where other varieties suffer under heat stress.

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Roper Perennial Ryegrass

  • Clean cutting (minimal shredding)
  • Exceptional winter growth
  • Hard wearing
Roper is the first Australian bred perennial ryegrass for winter sports fields and racecourses. Roper combines winter growth with its unique high root mass and at the same time, mowing quality equivalent to most USA bred turf ryegrasses.

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