Pasture Seed Varieties

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Variety Description Heading (Rel to Nui) Rainfall or irrigation (mm) Sowing Rate (Kg/ Ha) Staggers Free
Perennial Ryegrass Diploid
Staggers Free. Drought tolerant, outstanding persistence. Nil/Low endophyte = Staggers Free. Suited to low or inconsistent rainfall regions. Improved rust resistance over Victorian Perennial Ryegrass. AUSTRALIAN BRED. -3 Days 550 mm+ 15-25kg staggers-pink-120
Perennial Ryegrass Diploid
Staggers Free. Outstanding winter productivity. Nil/Low endophyte = Staggers Free. Promotes more clover growth. AUSTRALIAN BRED. -33 Days 650mm+ 15-25kg staggers-pink-120

Perennial Ryegrass Diploid

Staggers Free. Heat tolerant, fast to establish, rust resistant. Nil/Low endophyte = Staggers Free. Extra root growth for fast establishment. Great winter/early spring per formance. AUSTRALIAN BRED. -19 Days 700mm+ 15-25kg staggers-pink-120
Perennial Ryegrass Diploid
Staggers Free. Excellent winter production with late heading. Quality forage into late summer. Low endophyte. Fine tillering for greater persistence. High herbage production. +8 days 650mm+ 15-25kg staggers-pink-120
Biennial Ryegrass Tetraploid
High winter and spring production. Fine leaf to assist with grazing recovery. Strong persistence into 2nd year where suitable. Increased stock utilisation due to rust resistance. AUSTRALIAN BRED. Late 600mm+ 25-40kg
Italian Ryegrass Diploid
True Italian with late heading to maintain quality late into the season. High spring production. AUSTRALIAN  BRED. Late 600mm+ 25-30kg
Italian Ryegrass Diploid
Winter/Late spring production. Fast emergence, heading date falls between annual and Italian to help manage grazing rotation feed surplus. AUSTRALIAN BRED. Mid 600mm+ 25-30kg
eclipse-300Eclipse Select
Italian Ryegrass Diploid
Selected from Eclipse. Improved rust resistance. Late heading, strong winter and high spring production. AUSTRALIAN  BRED. Mid 600mm+ 25-25kg
Annual Ryegrass Tetraploid
Outstanding rust resistance. Winter production. Densely tillered with broader leaves for extra yield. Exceptional late season growth for an annual. AUSTRALIAN BRED. Mid 550 mm+ 25-40kg
Annual Ryegrass Diploid
ast to establish and can be grazed early. Out per forms Tetila for early growth and forage quality. Later heading gives longer season growth. Rust resistant. AUSTRALIAN BRED. Mid 550 mm+ 25-25kg
aristocrat-300Aristocrat II
Annual Ryegrass Diploid
Top yielding annual over winter and spring. Rust resistant. Out yields short term r yegrasses for total season growth. AUSTRALIAN BRED. Mid 550 mm+ 25-25kg
Annual Ryegrass Diploid
Annual Ryegrass toxicity resistant. High winter forage yields. Very early heading date. Can be used in cropping rotation. AUSTRALIAN BRED. Very Early 400mm+ 10-20kg
Cortez – Lucerne Dormancy 9  Strong hay yields. High quality forage and persistent under grazing conditions. Solid disease and insect resistance. 400mm+ 10-20kg
la-certa-300La Certa Chicory
Perennial Forage Crop
The new perennial forage crop. All year round productivity particularly in winter. Alternative to Lucerne in acid soils. 500mm+ 2-6l]kg
hobson-rape-300Hobson Forage Rape Forage crop, giant type, very high early production, excellent palatability, aphid resistant. 500mm+ 3-5kg
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