Staggers Free:

Sheep options:
The Staggers Free range is designed to provide sheep, beef and other graziers with an alternative pasture range, without the troubles associated with ryegrass staggers. The Staggers Free range comprises ryegrass varieties bred in Australia, for Australian conditions. Key attributes include: herbage persistence, heat and humidity tolerance, and seasonal production.




Sheep Farming Seed Varieties In order of suitability

Perennial species

Perennial ryegrass
Camel perennial ryegrass
Boomer perennial ryegrass
Roper perennial ryegrass
Platinum perennial ryegrasss
La Certa chicory
Magna 804

Annual/Biannual species

Annual ryegrass
Safeguard annual ryegrass
Guard annual ryegrass
Noble annual ryegrass
Aristocrat II annual ryegrass
Diploid tetila annual ryegrass
Italian ryegrass
Eclipse select Italian ryegrass
Forage brassica
Hobson rape
Forage cereal

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