Achieve Italian Ryegrass

Italian Ryegrass Achieves World Class Performance


grassAchieve is a diploid Italian ryegrass bred by Valley Seeds in Australia.

  • Late heading for maintaining quality feed late into the season
  • A true Italian with the ability to survive into the second year with favourable conditions
  • A power of feed in spring and ideal for silage or hay
  • Robust rust resistance to maintain palatability in spring and summer
  • Ideal for over sowing into pastures to increase bulk feed and quality

Herbage Production (DM) – South West Victoria

Achieve herbage swvic season

Achieve Herbage Production (DM) South Western Victoria – by season

 Achieve herbage swvic total

Herbage Production (DM) – Taree NSW

Achieve herbage taree season

Achieve Herbage Production (DM) Taree NSW – by season

Achieve herbage taree total

Miriam ZolinAchieve Italian Ryegrass