Annual/Short Rotation Ryegrass

Achieve Italian Ryegrass

Achieve Italian Ryegrass

Achieve is a diploid Italian ryegrass bred by Valley Seeds in Australia.

  • Late heading for maintaining quality feed late into the season
  • A true Italian with the ability to survive into the second year with favourable conditions
  • A power of feed in spring and ideal for silage or hay
  • Robust rust resistance to maintain palatability in spring and summer
  • Ideal for over sowing into pastures to increase bulk feed and quality

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Amass Italian Ryegrass

logo Amass Italian Ryegrass

Amass was bred in Australia by Valley Seeds:

  • Biennial ryegrass bred to replace perennial ryegrass in areas of winter water-logging or can be used to extend productivity in low rainfall irrigation regions.
  • The production of an annual for two years.
  • Late maturing to boost late spring production.
  • Strong rust resistance for increased palatability for stock.
  • Tetraploid breeding to increase feed utilisation.

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Aristocrat II Annual Ryegrass

Aristocrat II

A new Australian bred annual ryegrass which has consistently out yielded other annual and short term ryegrasses in grazing trials conducted by the QDPI over seven years.

Aristocrat II was bred as part of a large department of primary industry breeding programme to improve heat tolerance as well as winter forage production that maintains quality growth through to late spring. This breeding programme incorporates genetics from South Africa with an emphasis on rust tolerance.

  • High winter and early spring production in a wide range of climate.
  • High rust resistance.
  • High quality for late season hay or silage.
  • Higher total season growth than many short term ryegrasses in SE Australian environment.
  • Aristocrat II also has significantly higher total herbage yield than the next leading variety in Queensland trials.
  • Australian bred.

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Asteroid Italian Ryegrass

Asteroid is a unique Australian bred ryegrass variety designed to improve winter herbage yield and maintain long season production.

  • Higher winter dry matter yields
  • Later season growth
  • Improve rust resistance from Northern NSW breeding.
  • Heat tolerant
  • Selected for faster emergence vigour to help with early sowing in unreliable Autumn breaks.
  • Long leaf for extra dry matter yield.

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Astound Tetraploid

Astound 2

Astound is an Australian bred Tetraploid annual ryegrass with the following features:

  • Selected for fast emergence vigour for unreliable autumn breaks and mulching into kikuyu
  • Outstanding rust resistance to improving palatability late in the season
  • Exceptional late season growth for an annual
  • Densely tillered, broad leaved for extra yield
  • Large seed for irregular sowing depth control

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Diploid Tetila Annual Ryegrass


A Diploid Annual Ryegrass which is fast to establish and recovers quickly after grazing.

  • Tetraploid Tetila originated from a diploid prior to being chemically treated to double the chromosome number.
  • Fine leaf, high winter & spring yielding Annual.
  • More seed per bag means you can sow at a lower rate than Tetraploid Tetila. (30% lower sowing rate)
  • Quicker grazing recovery under hard grazing than the old Tetila.
  • Fine leaves and high winter activity makes Diploid Tetila ideal for Hay and Silage production after grazing due to its ability to hold the quality and quantity of herbage for longer than other Tetila ryegrass.

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Eclipse Select Ryegrass


Eclipse Select Italian ryegrass combines improved disease resistance with high winter herbage production to make it the new ryegrass of choice.

  • Selected from superior lines of Eclipse for herbage and disease resistance.
  • Hybrid between annual and short term ryegrass providing high winter growth and the ability to go through to the second year if the season is favorable.
  • Rust resistant.
  • Later season growth than many annuals.
  • It has finer leaves than a tetraploid ryegrass so that it produces dense, higher quality feed.
  • Australasian bred and Australian produced.

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Safeguard Annual Ryegrass


Safeguard is the only winter grazing grass that can be safely used in cropping rotations. Bred in Australia by the South Australian Department of Agriculture (SARDI) Safeguard is a long term solution to Annual Ryegrass Toxicity (ARGT).

  • Productive winter feed and early heading for short growing seasons
  • Ideal for the pasture rotation in cropping regions
  • Annual Ryegrass Grass Toxicity (nematode) resistant
  • Crop disease break for ‘Take-all’ or ‘CCN’
  • Reduce or eliminate export hay rejections due to ARGT.
  • Certified seed of Safeguard is susceptible to non-selective herbicides
  • Greater winter production than legumes for finishing sheep/beef

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Noble Annual Ryegrass


Noble was bred as part of a large Department of Primary Industry breeding programme to produce a variety with better quality and more dense forage than tetraploid varieties.

  • Fast to establish.
  • Rust resistant.
  • Better quality and later seasonal production than Tetila.
  • More profit per ha than Tetila.
  • Value for money.
  • Australian bred

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