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About Valley Seeds

Valley Seeds specialises in breeding forage and turf grasses suited to Australian conditions

The company’s Research and Development program has delivered forage grasses that benefit Australian farmers by increasing livestock carrying capacity, particularly in times of feed shortage. The improvements in beneficial traits such as heat and drought tolerance have helped to cement Valley Seeds international reputation as grass breeder

Valley Seeds turf varieties are preferred by sports and recreation professionals throughout Australia due to advances in traits such as cuttability (low lignin), drought tolerance, heat tolerance, disease resistance and growth patterns.

Valley Seeds was the first Australian company to develop, licence and export Australian varieties of grass.

Valley Seeds – a family business

When Jim Coles started Valley Seeds in 1972 he had no idea that his company would continue for so long to become one of the oldest and most experienced seed companies in Australia.

Jim’s son Donald Coles has carried on the tradition of successful seed breeding. The company now services the pasture needs of Australian farmers and supplies turf varieties for a range of applications. With nearly 50 years’ experience in seed, Donald has grown the business from a small Victorian supply company to an established national and international company.

Pasture and turf seed varieties successful internationally

Valley Seeds bred pasture and turf seed varieties have been successful in Australia and in many other countries around the world with exports to USA, China, Greece, New Zealand, Spain, Argentina and Uruguay.

Trials in most of these countries are showing that their unique breeding techniques are producing leading varieties in many climatic regions of the world.

New varieties from the Valley Seeds successful seed breeding program

The development of new pasture varieties suited to Australian conditions is a major focus of the breeding program. While many of these pasture varieties suit medium to low rainfall regions, some of the new varieties are specifically designed for high rainfall dairy and grazing regions.

The current Research and Development program is in the process of releasing new varieties over the next few years in other species such as Tall Fescue, Cocksfoot, Phalaris, Brome, Lucerne and Oats.