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Valley Seeds is uniquely Australian; just as the Australian grazing industry is unique in international agriculture. We are a wholly Australian owned company specialising in the breeding, selection, production and marketing of pasture seed varieties.

Valley Seeds has been involved in the seed industry for nearly 45 years and was the first private Australian company to breed ryegrasses. Our undertaking is to breed varieties that help you meet the challenges of modern agriculture. Our breeding has significantly improved the productivity of varieties through better seasonal growth, superior nutritional make up, and consistency of productive quality.

Many varieties on the market today are developed in environments that differ from our Australian climatic conditions. Valley Seeds varieties are designed to reduce animal health problems, improve persistence and increase disease and pest tolerance.

Look for our Australian bred varieties (Boomer, Roper, Camel) that are designed to offer you the best grass for your situation.

Staggers Free Ryegrass Pasture Seed

stagfreeValley Seeds perennial ryegrass varieties are persistent and Staggers Free

Ryegrass staggers is caused by endophyte and many overseas bred varieties need endophyte to enable them to persist in Australian conditions. Valley Seeds varieties are bred from plants selected in Australia that do not have endophyte and therefore do not need this foreign fungus to persist.
These varieties have genetic persistence rather than relying on this often toxic fungus to support their persistence.

There is no longer a need to manage the negative aspects of endophyte. Your livestock productivity, health and welfare are protected when livestock graze Staggers Free varieties. Read more about Staggers free…

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Agricultural Pasture Seed Product

With over 30 years experience, scientifically breeding seed selections for the Australian climate, Valley Seeds is the only Australian Seed company that can provide tested and proven products to Australian farmers. Read more about our pasture seed varieties…

Valley Seeds

Home Lawn Product

Valley Seeds has a large production operation for handling various home lawn products for members of the retail home garden market. Valley Seeds packages over 50% of Australia’s home garden lawn seed. Read more about our home lawn products…

Valley Seeds

Sporting/Commercial Product

Valley Seeds has been providing specialist products and service to the turf seed industry for over 30 years and has a range of products specially designed for sporting grounds and climate. Read more about our turf products…

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Horticultural Product

Viticulture/ horticulture: blends have been specifically formulated for use in specialist situations such as vineyards and orchards. Cover crops provide an additional element to the management regime, designed to maximize the performance of crops and minimize the impact of competition. Read more about our horticultural and viticulture products

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